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When it comes to youtube its very important that how long your audience is
watching your video, also known as Audience retention.
So High Retention youtube views means users are actually watching your video for
a while.
This creates an importance for youtubers to produce an engaging unique content
which actually keeps their watchers on the video for a while. If people are watching your
video like for 90%+ watch time, great, if its like 10-20%, you definately need to work
on creating some good engaging video.
Retentin on a video is just an mirror which allows you to understand what people want
and have you given this in the video.

There are many ways to keep your audience engaged. Here are few ways to get high retention:

  1. Is your Content worthy:  I know you love what you just created, but this does not means its the best. First you need to analyze that whether your video actually has the answers of what your topic is about. Is it unique? Is this properly explained? Is the quality of video good? and so on.
  2.  Briefly and Necessary : You have lot to explain and you know you can speak or show for many hours, but what important is, does the user have so much time to watch whole? No, you should analyze your content before start that which part is most important and be brief and share only what is absolutely necessary.
  3. Keep rolling the screen: You should not just fix the camera on a static view and make a video of an hour, instead keep your screen rolling with changing the screen/locations/people etc.  

Watch time (or audience retention, as it’s popularly called in YouTube analytics) is the total amount of time in aggregate that viewers spend watching your videos. Ideally, videos topping in this metric result in higher overall viewing sessions.

This product is specially designed for youtubers who have long videos and want to improve their analytics. 1-15 mins watch time (depending on watch time you choose). PS. This service is to assist you in reaching your watch time and watch time depends on users internet speed, hence its not guaranteed time, we try our best to deliver best watch time.  **TIPS & TRICKS* Employ the help of friends and family if you need it. It can be difficult to come up with interesting ideas and angles for ongoing video marketing. Come up with ideas by brainstorming with friends, family and employees. Do this on a regular basis, and stay on top of things. Tripods are a video marketer’s best friend. Shuddering, jerky filming is a trick for scary movies and the like. For making a marketing video, you should probably stay with a steady shot that has smooth panning when it needs to move. Most viewers will take only a few seconds to decide whether your video is worth their time, so make it good! Video marketing allows you to reach a world-wide audience. You do not need to restrict yourself to a small area as you work to sell products. Anyone who has a smart phone or computer can watch online videos. This article will help you market to them effectively. As with most things, the more experience you gain in creating videos, the better your end results will be. When your visitors check out your channel, they’re going to hope to see you constantly adding new videos. This will also help broaden your audience as more people can find your links through a general search. Videos only go viral for quality content. Your video could go viral even if you do not own an expensive camera. If your video offers people information that is valuable, they will watch it even if it is not of the highest quality. But, you should still get the best equipment that you can afford.

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