How to become a Prepaid Member

To become a VIP member you should have :

  1. An account recharge of USD 200 OR Rs 15000
  2. You have an active account from last 1 month (atleast 3 orders placed). 

There are huge benefits of this plan, some of them are listed below.

Benefits of being Prepaid’z

Our extended support

We will give you instant support over skype. Being a Prepaid will allow you to get dedicated account manager for any query, whether related to orders or latest technology tips.

Instant discount

We will give you additional discounts on all services over and above existing offers. There will be no upper cap on order limits and discount amounts. It includes all services we are selling.

Hidden Products

We have products which are visible only to prepaid customers, they include SEO, Revenue and more. Once your account gets converted to Prepaid you will see all of them on our portal.

Custom Orders

Prepaid customers are eligible for custom orders, which includes Speed, targeting, Social Media Boosters and more. The benefits not only stops here, we have more options for Prepaid customers to choose from like News and Media Publications, Influence Marketing and more.

Being Prepaid’z matters!

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